We are looking for experienced hospitality professionals that are focused on guest service and creating memorable experiences.

Krew Leader

Location: Boynton

Description: the Krew Leader is a leadership position that is responsible for supervising Krew Members
and ensuring that Guests are satisfied with food quality and service.
The primary responsibilities are:

  • Demonstrating our Customer Service Vision
  • Training staff
  • Enforcing proper food handling procedures
  • Scheduling staff
  • Monitoring inventory and placing orders.

The Guest Ninja

Location: Boynton

Description: The Guest Ninja is responsible for engaging with guests on the guest side of the front counter.
This position stands at the entrance of the queue and interacts with the guests as they enter.
The primary responsibilities are:

  • Greet Guests on arrival
  • Engage and assist with the ordering process
  • Conduct table touches
  • Ensure front of house cleanliness

The Kakigori Krew

Location: Boynton

Description: The Kakigori Krew are the production positions at Kasai & Koori.
These positions work on our production line, in full view of Guests and other staff.
The main responsibilities are:

  • Food prep and recipes
  • Preparing food to order
  • Communicating with Guests and other staff
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